I do too! And I’m like you and live in a small apartment with a small kitchen. In fact in my last apartment I stored my must-have salad spinner in my bedroom closet! Now it has a home in my slightly bigger space, but I feel your pain. Buying new kitchen gadgets or small appliances depends completely on your lifestyle, how you cook and what you cook. That being said, if you find a kitchen tool has resided in your drawer graveyard for a while, it’s time to just get rid of it. Knowing you didn’t use it will help you determine what gadgets and tools you might like in the future. If you use your slow cooker a lot, and find you would prefer your meals cooked in a shorter amount of time I suggest getting an Instant Pot. A sous-vide appliance is very specialty and would be for someone who likes to fiddle and play in the kitchen rather than get down to the business of weeknight dinners! With any small appliace or gadget there will be a learning curve. When to pull it out and use it, learning a new style of cooking (read Instant Pot), and determining if it’s a fit for your kitchen. I couldn’t live without my powerful blender, my food processor, mandolin and popcorn maker. I could go on, but kitchen equipment is my life! ?