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Microbiome Cleanse For Gut Health – I Did It!

Do food bloggers diet? We sure do! This microbiome cleanse has been so great for my health.


As a food professional and recipe blogger I eat just about everything, all the time. It’s my job! Going on a cleanse, changing my diet and habits is always a challenge. I’ll tell you why I did this cleanse and how it could help you!


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I am not a doctor, surprise! I only manage my own health. I am simply sharing what worked for me and why I think it’s the best cleanse I have found. 

Do food bloggers diet?

Food bloggers totally diet! We have to, there’s a lot of eating going on. There are times when work is constant cooking, tasting and testing for weeks on end. Most food bloggers certainly don’t cook for work every day. There are also weeks where I am sitting sedentary at the computer.

Between eating for work, going out, sedentary days in between and stress by the bucket full, food bloggers like me need to focus on our own diets sometimes.


I have to watch what I eat, and I like to make sure I balance a week of baking with healthful foods and veggies. My diets aren’t always structured. I shy away from Whole 30, Paleo, Keto and other restrictive diets and opt for cutting portions, upping my vegetable intake and decreasing my sugar and carbs. This usually keeps me in check.

Why I did the Purify Cleanse

I have done juice cleanses (miserable, I like to chew things! Plus they are loaded with sugar. Natural sugar, but sugar nonetheless.), and several years ago did a cleanse I found online that produced some interesting things coming out of my body (sorry for the honesty!).

Even though I knew a juice cleanse was typically high in sugar and not the best option for health, I was desperate to balance my insides and lose weight. It didn’t work. I realized why later.

health issues in you microbiome


Over the years I’ve struggled with hormone balance, and imbalances in my endocrine system (high cortisol, fluctuating thyroid, etc). I’ve worked with a great naturopathic doctor and taken supplements to help with the symptoms of these imbalances.


I have really felt better than I expected, and being relieved of so many of my painful symptoms has made me feel so free.


My imbalances have caused everything from weight gain and inability to lose weight with exercise and diet, brain fog, afternoon sleepiness, insomnia (massive insomnia!), dark circles under my eyes, lethargy, headaches, psoriasis, inflammation and muscle tension.

What I have finally learned is that all of these symptoms, and more, come from my microbiome being off kilter. My gut health! Those microbes that live in your small intestine, and the toxins from medication, processed foods and stress that build up in my mid section.

The Purify cleanse targets exactly this. Ridding your body of the built up toxins and unhealthy bacteria, all while replacing it with healthy spores, pre and probiotics that create a clean and clear environment in your gut.

The Biome Man

Check this out! I wish I had ten hours to tell you what I’ve learned. But here is a link to research for yourself and specifically for your issues. This Biome Man is an explanation of how almost any ailment you are suffering with can be traced back to your microbiome and gut health. Click this link to get an interactive image.

Microbiome cleanse diagram




Learn about the products suggested for each area. As you’ll notice the Purify Cleanse is mentioned often. It’s the key to starting your journey to this healthy freedom. I know that sounds cheesy, but I have really felt better than I expected, and being relieved of my symptoms has made me feel so free.

Friends and family that have gone through the cleanse and followed it up with other supplements like ProArgi+9, Essential Greens, Biome Balance, and others have felt similar results. Symptoms from auto-immune disorders, chronic ailments and inflammation have disappeared.


What can you expect?

Everyone’s experience will be different. There is a huge self-monitored component, your food diet, that makes a difference too. As someone who doesn’t like those restrictive diets, I let myself be very strict for 3 weeks to help the cleanse do it’s work.

I’m now on a modified cleanse diet, and much more aware of the treats, added sugars, carbs and processed foods I eat. I still do eat everything as I develop and share recipes with you. I am simply more aware of how my body reacts to different foods.

I did the Purify Cleanse for a week last Fall. Then the holidays hit and I was not focussing on my diet. I didn’t feel much. I was determined to do it for 2 to 3 weeks this time and wow, with my strict diet and the supplements I have felt a huge difference!


How long is the microbiome cleanse?

The cleanse will work best if you stick with it for 2 to 3 weeks. Drink lots of water to flush things out, eat really clean, healthy food and do some exercise. I was too lethargic to work out the first several days. By day 4 I clearly felt more energy and started to go for walks and in the next few days even more. That boost of energy was great.

Access the cleanse here

Reach out or comment below if you are going to start or have any questions about WHAT TO EAT! A lot of my recipes can be modified to work while you’re on the diet.



I am affiliated with Legacy Network and am sharing my own opinions and experience with the products. Images courtesy of Legacy Network.

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