Easy Halloween Chocolate Lollipops

Easy Halloween chocolate lollipops get sprinkled and garnished with sparkly, shiny and crunchy orange candy for a festive party treat and favor.


I like treats. I love the ones that are simple to make, and even better to eat. These easy Halloween chocolate lollipops win for sure. You don’t need special baking tools to make them and little hands can help too. Let the kids get involved in making the party favors or class treat! Packaged in cellophane with a tie and tag will make these the perfect giveaway.

Easy Halloween Chocolate Lollipops with candy sprinkles from Tara Teaspoon


I use chocolate candy melts because they set up so well when refrigerated for just a minute. White candy sticks can be found at any craft or party store and you probably already have Halloween candy and sprinkles around. See the links below if you need to get them.

I traced a cookie cutter onto parchment as a guide so they were all the same size, but if you wanted, you could just eyeball the lollipops. I made the chocolate circles just by spreading with the back of a spoon. Add the white candy sticks so they point towards the center of the baking sheet (so you can put it in the fridge. Believe me, I had a few sticking out from the edges when I started and that was a disaster! Haha).


Easy Halloween Chocolate Lollipops with candy sprinkles from Tara Teaspoon

Little hands can help make these darling, easy Halloween Chocolate Lollipops!

For the spiral (it’s my favorite) I cut strips of orange sour tape and rolled it in a tight roll. Let it gently unroll and place it on the freshly spread chocolate. The lollies look equally darling with random sprinkles as they do with neatly designed patterns. Have fun with them and enjoy!

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Halloween Lollipops
Total Time
15 mins
  • 9 oz 1½ cups melted chocolate candy melts
  • 9 oz 1½ cups melted white candy melts
  • 12 lollipop sticks
  • Orange candy and sprinkles
  1. Line rimless baking sheets with parchment paper and trace 2½-inch circles around the edges of parchment.
  2. Spoon about 2 tbsp of one flavor candy melts onto each circle. Press stick into each pop (pointing toward center of baking sheet), and then use the back of the spoon to gently pat chocolate into a perfect circle.
  3. Decorate with candy and refrigerate until solid, about 15 min.

Make Halloween treats all month long with more of my easy ideas. For the kids make these Mummy Bowls for mozzarella sticks, and for the grown up party, swirl some silky buttercream onto your Candy Corn Twist Cupcakes.

DIY Mummies hold your Mozzarella Sticks for a Halloween Snack

DIY Mummies hold your Mozzarella Sticks for a Halloween Snack

Candy Corn Twist Cupcakes with silky buttercream frosting

For a sophisticated treat make these Candy Corn Twist Cupcakes with silky buttercream frosting.














Recipe Tara Bench
Photographs Kate Sears
Food Stylist Tara Bench
Prop Stylist Deborah Williams
Originally published Ladies’ Home Journal October 11

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