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Beautiful Pie Crusts Are Easier Than You Think

Beautiful pie crusts are easier to make than you think. With a little inspiration, you can get creative and impress the socks off a crowd!


Crimping and pinching are almost retired if you look around the internet these days. Not only are pie crust edges getting an update, but the tops could be considered works of art!

No more is an apple pie just topped with a simple crust. You can adorn your pie with more than a simple covering using some of the inspiration here! Below are some of my crust ideas from a simpler time! And check out my Studio 5 KSL segment demo-ing awesome crusts

Pie Crust

It’s no wonder bakers have made pie their canvas. The crust of the pie is what you see first! It’s what entices you to eat that lovely pastry, and if it looks good, you have more desire to dig in.

We all love a buttery, flaky pastry. We love it especially when it’s baked around a delicious fruity filling, or piled high with creamy custard. It’s not just taste that’s making mouths water these days. Take a look at these creative crusts from bakers and food artists.

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Judy Kim is probably the queen of creative pie crusts. Just look at this gem. Find more aspirational pastries on her site, The Judy Lab.

The Judy Lab's Judy Kim creates beautiful pie crusts

Time for turkey…I mean pie! An adorable flaky turkey sits on top of pumpkin pie from Kudos Kitchen by Renee.

Renee from Kudos Kitchen blog created this darling turkey crust

Becky Sue from Baking The Goods blog made a gorgeous apple pie top using a million (well not quite a million) little leaf cutouts. The result is quite impressive!

Baking The Goods blogger Becky Sue created this stunning leaf pie.


Kaley from The Kitchen McCabe creates the most exquisite crusts. Her creativity knows no bounds. That’s why I had to include two of her famous ideas. Her pastry roses and unreal take on a lattice!

The Kitchen McCabe blog brings pastry roses to a whole new level!

The Kitchen McCabe has an unreal take on lattice


Julie from Cooking and Baking Mostly (a fabulous Instagram feed) has her own style of crust art. This one takes cookie cutters to a magic place.

Julie from Cooking and Baking Mostly


This is no crimped edge, from EAB Designs. Seasonal cutouts frame what is sure to be a standout pie. Beautiful pie crusts can simply be created by a stunning edge.

EAB Designs makes a beautiful pie edge


I mean, WHO (wink wink) is the genius behind this darling pie top? Sweet Explorations by Francois is that very person. Check out her post to see exactly how to create this pastry owl.

Sweet Explorations created this darling owl crust


Jo Harrington does not stop…making amazing pies! I just can’t get over these minis and their cuteness. Follow her for pure genius on her Instagram JoJoRomancer.

Jo Harrington makes beautiful pies

Samantha Chiu of the Instagram Eleventy, couldn’t decide which fancy and wonderful technique to use on the pie she created for King Arthur Flour! Braids, lattice, cutouts – they all made it.

All the designs come together with Samantha Chiu's pie



Don’t be intimidated by beautiful pie crusts. Use my Perfect Pie Crust recipe. Weave a lattice, make a braided edge or start with some cute cookie cutters, and have fun!

Start here for delicious pie recipes from Tara Teaspoon.

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