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Frozen spinach is an underutilized ingredient in my opinion. It is awesome in pastas, smoothies and soups for sure. To use it in egg dishes or here with melted cheese however, you need to squeeze all of the excess water out of it. Yes it’s a bit waterlogged from being cooked then flash frozen, but when the water is removed it claims even more places on the menu!

I buy it and put it right in the fridge to thaw for a day or so. It’s ready for me to squeeze, with love of course, and use.


Spinach Melts


Spinach Melts
Make this family style on a loaf of French bread split in half. Great served alongside homemade soup!
Serves 4

1 10-oz pkg frozen spinach
1 ½ cups grated Comte or Fontina Cheese
French baguette

Thaw spinach and squeeze out water until spinach is quite dry. Crumble into a bowl and mix with cheese. Split half a French baguette and toast under a broiler. Pile spinach mixture evenly over toasted halves and broil until melted. Cut in half.

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  • Mary Ann Kelly says:

    Viewed you on Studio 5 with cute Brooke. Loved your toast ideas and plan to try each one (great for meatless Monday’s). I prepared the spinach melts (with option of rubbing a garlic clove over warm toasted bread) and served with split pea soup I made: YUM! Big hit with my family!! Thank you for great ideas!!

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